Missing Business Data Web part in SharePoint 2010

Missing Business Data Web Part in SharePoint 2010 but you know you installed it correctly.

You’ve also got the Enterprise license inserted correctly and doubled checked it ‘like’ 50 times.

Enable Enterprise Feature

You’ve searched Google and Bing but you’re running into solutions that aren’t helping. Well it’s a check box… No really it’s a stupid little check box that if you check ‘You won’t get there from here!”.

Well – Here’s the fix:

  1. Launch your ‘Central Administration’ website
  2. Navigate to ‘Upgrade and Migration’ (it’s on the left hand side about 6 links down) and select ‘Enable Features on existing sites’
  3. Click that checkbox labeled (wait for it) ‘Enable all sites in this installation to use the following set of features: SharePoint Server Enterprise Features’
  4. Click ok and – just like that – you’ve got the droids you were looking for.

Darn check box!

Let it processes for a little bit:

And then go back and try to insert the once missing Office web part and viola – it’s there:

It wasn’t exactly hard but it wasn’t exactly easy either.

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